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Hypnobirthing® Mongan Method

Hypnobirthing® Mongan Method is a technique and philosophy that allows a woman to achieve a calm, peaceful, and gentle birthing experience. HypnoBirthing masterfully combines techniques such as deep relaxation, breathing, and affirmations with in-depth education regarding labor, birth, fetal development, bonding, nutrition, positioning, and exercise. The hallmark of Hypnobirthing focuses on the elimination of fear to decrease pain and tension thereby resulting in a safer and easier birth. This is a 5 week course with classes meeting 1x per week. Birth partner encouraged to attend.

Available Virtually and In Person.

Hypnobirthing® Mongan Method

Advantages of HypnoBirthing

  • Reduces need for chemical anesthesia and other interventions
  • Lessens fatigue during labor
  • Birthing partner completely involved in birthing process
  • Reduces the length of labor
  • Decrease in reported cases of postpartum depression
  • Babies born more alert resulting in higher rate of breastfeeding in the immediate postpartum period
  • Reduced incidence of pelvic floor damage

Who is HypnoBirthing for?

  • Ideal for every woman preparing for childbirth
  • Those planning to birth in a hospital, home or birthing center
  • Those who are considering natural, medication free birth or who are considering medicated pain relievers/epidural
  • Those who anticipate cesarean section due to other circumstance but still want to prepare their body and mind for birth and the postpartum period
  • Those having their first or repeated pregnancy

Labor and Birth

A traditional childbirth course covering stages of labor, comfort measures, and pain management, including epidural and postpartum recovery. The course is broken up into 2 sessions. Birth Partner encouraged to attend.

Prepare for birth with our comprehensive traditional 2-day Labor and Birth class. This live course covers everything you need to know to feel confident and empowered as you approach labor and delivery.

Class Topics:

  • Stages of Labor: Understand each stage of labor, from early labor to delivery, so you know what to expect.
  • Comfort Measures: Learn various techniques for managing pain and discomfort, including breathing exercises, positioning, and relaxation methods.
  • Medications: Get detailed information on the different pain relief options available, including their benefits and potential side effects.
  • Post-Birth Recovery: Discover what to expect during the postpartum period, including physical and emotional recovery tips.

Customizable Birth Program

This program is Ideal for women who have special circumstances or needing education on specific topics like cesarean section and inductions.
This one-on-one 3 session course includes the traditional childbirth teaching covering what to expect as you prepare for labor and birth, stages of labor, comfort measures, and pain management.

In addition each client has the option to choose 1 additional course topic to review.

Choices include:

  • Postpartum care and recovery
  • Induction & cesarean section preparation and recovery
  • Preparing for your newborn

Consultation required for booking.