Meet Our Founder

Crystal-Ann Roberts, RN HBCE

Childbirth Educator

Having a background as a Registered Nurse with the last several in the area of High Risk Obstetrics, I have seen the incredible power of the human body. This has increased my love and passion to serve women and encourage them to do what is safest, best and brings the greatest outcome for them and their family.

Though my professional background involved working with women it wasn’t until I began to have children of my own that I realized how important the period of pregnancy and birth can be.

With both my boys I experienced a wonderful pregnancy and birth, however it was the birth of my second son Jonah, that really gave me the ah ahh moment. I took a Hypnobirthing class during this pregnancy and it equipped me to have an incredible birthing experience that changed our lives. I want every woman to feel as empowered as I felt during and after that birth. Childbirth education and support is for every mom who wants to invest in herself, her baby and her family to ensure the safest, calmest possible outcome.

Childbirth is unpredictable, no-one can predict the exact outcome but we can prepare and be calm no matter what turn birthing takes. It is my lifes work to come alongside women to help them achieve this very goal.

I couldn’t do any of this without the constant support of my family and collaboration of my business partners.